If you are installing an Arctic Heat Pump in a heavy snow belt region of the country it is best to mount the heat pump higher on the wall.  Our normal ground mount heat pump stand is good to 2' but if you experience larger snowfall amounts you should consider mounting it higher up, such as on a wall.   When looking for a location to place the heat pump, you should take into consideration the wind direction as well.   A heavy direct wind will impede the heat pumps ability to flow air over the evaporator.  It is also typical that snow fall will blow up against a building in the prevailing wind direction adding to the amount of snowfall.

Unlike smaller mini-split heat pumps, the Arctic Heat Pumps weigh substantially more so proper support is needed to accommodate the extra weight.  An Arctic 060A heat pump will weigh 350 Lbs.  For more info on the weight specifications visit https://www.arcticheatpumps.com/specifications.html.