The limitation of a heat pump is limited to the properties of the refrigerant being used.  All Freon R410a heat pumps including both Air to Water such as the Arctic Heat Pump as well as geothermal heat pumps are limited to about 130 F or lower.  The Arctic Heat Pump has a maximum setpoint for heating of 55 C or 131 F.  However this is measured at the temperature coming into the heat pump so in reality the heat pump is able to output 135-138 F.   

While the Arctic Heat Pump is capable of temperatures above 130 F (55C), the design of the heat pump should be limited to lower than this.  Ideally under 120 F  (49 C) or lower.   With lower design temperatures comes better performance and higher COP numbers.  So it pays to hire a professional hydronic design service as they will be able to minimize the required supply design temperature saving you money on the overall operating costs for years to come.  Arctic Heat Pumps offer hyronic design services.  Visit us today!

To see the effects of lowering the supply temperatures see the chart below.